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New series on web apps in Go

Hi fellow Gopher!

If you've watched my free screencast series, Go in 5 Minutes, you've seen that a lot of the recent screencasts I've been doing are on web apps. That's because web apps are still hard to build with Go.

That's why I launched a new series called The Ultimate Guide to Web Apps in Go. You can check it out here:

"The Ultimate Guide" will teach you the best frameworks to use in your app and keep you up to date as they change and better ones come out. This series is a must if you're trying to keep a competitive advantage.

What you get when you sign up

The series is ongoing, and new content is released 3-4 times per month. In fact, 2 new screencasts with code samples and documentation are coming in the next few days.

Here's everything you get in this subscription:

  • Members only guides, screencasts, code samples, and written references
  • Consistent updates on current technology and best practices
  • Comprehensive coverage of complex topics like database code, auth, payments, and more

Finally, you can cancel anytime if The Ultimate Guide isn't working for you.

Who's the Teacher?

I'm Aaron, and I've been writing and teaching Go for over 6 years. You might have seen me at some of my conference talks, or on Go in 5 Minutes, or maybe from some of my other products on Gumroad.

I work at Microsoft as a developer advocate focused on Go and related technologies. Wherever I teach, I have a passion for showing any programmer how to make pragmatic technical decisions and write clean, sustainable and efficient code.

I hope you join me in the Ultimate Guide to Web Apps in Go.

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New screencast available - The Ultimate Guide to Web Apps in Go!

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