The Ultimate Guide to Web Apps in Go

Aaron Schlesinger
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Learn and stay current on the latest and greatest for Go web apps.

The Go community is huge, and finding the right libraries for your web app is painful. It's even harder to stay up to date.

  • Learn best-of-breed libraries and get your job done faster
  • Get up to speed fast with focused lessons
  • Stay current in the

Skip the hassle, start building your apps the right way, and never miss out on new technologies again.

Your subscription comes with...

  • Members only guides, screencasts, code samples, and written references
  • Consistent updates (about 2x/month) on current technology and best practices
  • Comprehensive coverage of complex topics like database code, auth, payments, and more
  • Satisfaction guaranteed, and you can cancel anytime if The Ultimate Guide isn't working for you

Why is this a subscription?

Throughout my 6+ years as a "Gopher", I've seen the ecosystem of Go web development technology change fundamentally.

  • Go was originally not intended for web development
  • Basic web dev libraries were then released and simple sites were possible
  • After that, developers began stitching modules together to build advanced web applications
  • Then, Buffalo came onto the scene with a complete toolkit for web apps

Fast forward to today, and the ecosystem keeps evolving at a record pace.

Buffalo makes major changes quarterly and new modules are enabling web assembly, tighter integrations with Javascript, and more.

This guide is a subscription because a single course would not be enough to build long-lasting, production quality web applications in Go.

Who should subscribe

This subscription is for Go developers who maintain or need to build production-quality web applications in Go.

To get the most out of this course, you'll need to have at least 2 years of programming experience and some familiarity with Go and web development.

About the teacher

I'm Aaron, and I've been writing and teaching Go for 6+ years and am a leader in the Go community.

Here are some of my credentials:

  • I work as a developer advocate at Microsoft, focusing on Go and cloud native technologies
  • I created and run the popular Go in 5 Minutes screencasts 
  • I also created the Athens project, a widely used open source project with 3.1k stars on GitHub
  • I'm a co-chair of the GopherCon programming committee. GopherCon is the largest Go conference in the world
  • I've contributed and held leadership roles in the Kubernetes community, which is one of the largest open source Go codebases
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You'll get updated screencasts that focus on the best libraries, patterns and practices for building fast, powerful web apps in Go.

Get the best features, no research required
Best practices
Pre-built recipes to keep your codebase sustainable
Take advantage of new developments in the community
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The Ultimate Guide to Web Apps in Go

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