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Go In 5 Minutes Extended Screencast For Episode 15

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Go In 5 Minutes Extended Screencast For Episode 15

Aaron Schlesinger
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Go In 5 Minutes episode 15 showed a solution for the “Internet Cafe” problem on the “Trivial Concurrency Exercises for the Confused Newbie Gopher” blog post.

The solution had a bug, though. This screencast explains the bug, provides a solution, and overviews how you can apply the solution generally to your code.

What’s inside

This is an approximately 12 minute screencast video, extensive documentation files (in Markdown format), and working Go code that illustrates:

  • How and why to send a channel on a channel (request/reply)
  • The barrier pattern in conjunction with request/reply

The video is hosted and streamed on Gumroad, and you’ll have lifelong access to it. The code and documentation are downloadable and licensed liberally under the Apache 2.0 license.

Modern web applications need to be more functional and higher performance than ever before. This screencast and its complementary resources will help you achieve those goals and learn best practices for your future projects.

This product is a consolidated version of concepts I developed for software engineers at a large Silicon Valley company. The lessons in this screencast are similar to those presented in a thousand dollar training session I created; now they’re available here in a convenient format for you to learn at your own pace.

Check out a preview of what you’ll get at

About the creator

Aaron Schlesinger is the creator of Go In 5 Minutes ( and a software architect at a cloud technologies company. He’s been a software engineer for over 10 years, and has been writing complex, performant software exclusively in Go for over 3 years. He also teaches the language to other engineers through Go In 5 Minutes, and at local and national conferences.

Go In 5 Minutes has over 1000 YouTube subscribers ( and has been extremely well received by the Golang community. Aaron started the free screencast series to help beginner and intermediate Go programmers advance their careers, and he runs this extended screencast series to complement each free episode with depth, context and detail.

You can reach him at, and find him online at:

Gopher illustration credit Renee French under the Creative Common Attributions 3.0 license. See for more information.

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