Our Journey to Amazon Best Seller

Aaron Schlesinger
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“We had shot from a rank of below 40,000 to #1 in less than 4 hours.”

The best way to start making on Amazon is by looking behind the scenes of an extremely successful Amazon business.

We started with no experience but the first product we designed and sold became #1 Best Seller on Amazon. This book is a first hand account of our journey from nothing to #1. We’re holding nothing back and giving you all the details of our journey. We’ll even reveal and provide links to our products on Amazon so you can read our reviews and see exactly how we set-up our listings: that’s something you won’t find anywhere else!

Valuable Strategies for Your Business

We’re not only telling our story, we’re giving you a step-by-step guide with valuable strategies & advice on how to make your Amazon business successful:

  • How to find and source a successful product with your own label
  • How to set-up your Amazon listing so people can’t resist buying
  • How to use 100% FREE marketing tools outside of Amazon to help you get more sales and reviews (without doing anything against the rules)
  • How to take beautiful, eye-catching photos for your product listings using free tools and software
  • How to scale your business up to multiple products
  • How to use Amazon deals and coupons - a topic not covered anywhere else
  • How to branch out to other marketplaces like EBay & Etsy

Why should you listen to us?

  • We’ve grown products from nothing to #1 Best Seller in a notoriously competitive product category
  • We’re now selling multiple successful products on Amazon, with very little additional marketing or advertising work
  • All of our products have a 4.5 star rating or above
  • We’ve mastered all the aspects of the private labelling process - from sourcing to listing to marketing
  • We’ve developed our own software and tools to help sell more products with less work
  • We’re so confident in our products that we’re opening up access to EVERYTHING we know about selling on Amazon

BONUS: In addition to the book, we’re giving you access to our website, which has a profit calculator spreadsheet and other useful product listing resources.


You'll get the full PDF of the book and access to the website with additional resources.


Our Journey to Amazon Best Seller

0 ratings